Young horse tests in Schneverdingen in very hot conditions

Early in the morning Dominic-Nathanael Erhart and his team got up and made their way to Schneverdingen, where one of the most beautiful tournaments of Lower Saxony takes place every year. Here he started the five year old chestnut gelding Dommery by Dimaggio, owned by Constantin Stark in dressage horses A, who was still a little shy but highly tempered, and finished sixth. The beautiful and extremely lovable chestnut was permeable and elastic. Erhart loves the zeal and the joy of walking of this horse and was very satisfied with him. "Dommery is very clever, but incredibly afraid of other horses. I was lucky that there was a lot of space on the meadow in the trailer parking lot, so I could work the gelding there a bit before he was confronted with the other competitors on the warm-up area. There I only rode him step by step so that he could get used to the spectacular surroundings, which was good for him. When he becomes more experienced, perhaps his mistrust will be lifted and we can hope for a great future".

Erhart started the static chestnut stallion Fiorello in the L dressage horse. The very tall horse must learn to balance even better and become a little more confident in his leaning. Today it became the third place with a score of 7.8. "Big horses generally need more time to develop. Fiorello is smart and sensitive, wants to please the rider and has ambition. I love his honest and cuddly nature very much. Since the owner, Dr. Markus Franz Faust, praises God and keeps the stallion healthy, the stallion can mature in peace and will certainly continue to develop well".

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