Tournament in Sittensen

Nice season start for Dominic-Nathanael Erhart and his students in Fredenbeck and Sittensen!
For some horses that have not been accommodated in the Erhart dressage stable for so long, it will be a debut at the show this year!
For example, the mare For Sudden Joy went an A* for the first time under trainee Hendrik Sichon and won it confidently, although the two had not yet passed the judge's table the day before and had to give up!
The situation was similar for trainee and team mate Nora-Sophie Köhler. Still on Saturday with Let's Dance 6ter in the Kandaren L Dressage on the dressage court, the gelding was so impressed by the new atmosphere in the hall on Sunday that he also waived his classification here.
It was a different story for student Stella Volmers and her young gelding, who finished fourth in dressage horse A with a score of 7.8, although the rider was still quite sceptical during training.
Caroline Hennig could be happy about place 4 in the M dressage. Her big chestnut Denver proved his lectionary skills here!
Erhart himself presented the dark chestnut stallion Haeven's Delight for the first time and was able to win the second division of the M* directly as well as reach 4th place in the M** with 68.573% on Sunday! The weather was a dream this weekend! Two weeks before Erhart took the chestnut stallion Fiorello to Fredenbeck for the first time and also won the dressage horse A!

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