Stensbeck award for apprentice Nora-Sophie Köhler

My trainee Nora-Sophie Köhler, (current colleague) has passed today in Warendorf her horse landlord examination/ focus: classical riding training with an average of 1.7 as the best course participant and thus with the Stensbeck award! She even got the grade 1.3 in both dressage and jumping classes!
The whole stable of the riding facility Bösch and especially me, as her trainer, are all very happy about this great performance! We all think that Nora-Sophie more than deserves it, because she was always diligent, committed and ambitious.
Nora is characterized above all by her patient, empathetic nature! She has been a very honest and loyal employee.
It's nice that she will remain with us as a stable colleague at the Bösch riding facility, despite her studies beginning in October!
Congratulations 🍾🎈 👍
All participants who have passed the examination with distinction must traditionally jump into the fire pond at the Warendorf stud! God praise, it's summer, but the algae water was certainly no pleasure!

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