Dear riders, dear customer, dear horse enthusiasts, dear friends,

the Coronavirus is on everyones mind and hast kept us all permanently busy lately. Everybody's wondering what's going to happen. The economic losses, the possible infection of people close to you or the infection of yourself. I think everyone knows by now that we are in an absolutely exceptional situation that gas probably never existed before ! Also in our business , all training courses, teaching units etc. are cancelled for the time being.

Of course our horses will continue to be ridden and cared of!

I wish for all of us that we can maintain our health with an intact immune system.

I wish that as soon as possible a happy everyday life will return for all if us and that we will be able to tackle our future with strength and confidence.

I wish that we do not lose our humanity despite the high risk if infection and that everyone is there for each other!

Everybody lift your head and take care of yourselves! Take responsibility for yourself and your fellow human beings! I wish too of you that you will be well in the coming time in health, financially, socially and psychologically.

Your Dominic-Nathanael Erhart