Equestrian training

Dominic-Nathanael Erhart is very committed to teaching riders whose horses stand on the riding facility, riders who come to the facility of the Bösch family for lessons as well as 3-day courses at home and abroad.

Training Horse

Together with his team, the Pferdewirtschaftsmeister trains horses from the first breaking in of the young horse up to Grand Prix S*** and, on request, presents them at tournaments according to their age.

Moderated Training

Dominic-Nathanael Erhart's courses are very popular because he adjusts individually to each rider-horse pair and explains in detail how both can develop further. Most recently, he did this to great applause in April at the PM seminar in Stangerode in Sachen-Anhalt. Here he involved the audience in his lessons by asking questions.

Accompaniment at tournaments

After consultation, customers are accompanied to tournaments and instruction assistance is given with the riding of the horse, so that they succeed the examination tasks optimally.

Advice on buying a horse

With many years of experience Dominic-Nathanael Erhart selects the suitable horse partner (at auctions, breeders and owners) on behalf of the customer.