Dominic-Nathanael Erhart`s horse training is based on the classical principles. Guideline is the training scale, which is anchored in the German riding theory. In his career he has ridden so many horses that he says: "A riding recipe", which can be applied to all horses equally, cannot exist.

Every horse is an individual, which as such is equipped with different character, conformation and temperament. The trainer must be sensitive to the physical and mental requirements of each individual horse in order to train it optimally and maintain its health.

He attaches particular importance to feeling.

"During the training I trust completely my feeling. I try out which type of gymnastics, help or bridle is optimal for the individual horse. With what kind of training can it develop the greatest possible positive body tension and relaxation and with what kind of work can it optimally build up the strength and condition that are the basic prerequisites for the Grand Prix".

It is just as important for Dominic-Nathanel Erhart to maintain and promote the joy of walking and the willingness to cooperate of the horses through variety such as manual work, double lungeing, jumping gymnastics, rides and paddock stays. "Only with a satisfied, relaxed and cooperative horse can you achieve optimal training results."